For mass production, CPT possesses an NC machining centre (DMG), 2 NC lathes and 2 robotic welding stations.
The MIG/MAG automatic welding stations with a continuous wire enable the automatic welding of a small and medium sized items.
The above video shows the machines at work ( it is just for the reason of  the video- making that the guards and partition walls had been removed)
The OTC automatic welders installed on the robots guarantee an excellent quality of weld bead and can use different diameters of filler material wire.
In the last few years, CPT has worked together with the most important conveyor belt manufacturers and during this period, it has been producing a large number of belt conveyor idler supports. Below is an example.

The welding of complex parts with varied geometries is difficult if the piece is held in a fixed position as it happens on a stationary fixing template, because it would force the machine to weld on an inclined surface.
By the use of the rotating positioner as a support for the parts to be welded, however, this allows all welding to be performed horizontally, and thus guaranteeing the best quality.
The rotating positioner also enables cylindrical parts to be welded.

The fixing of the parts on the rotating tables of the robots can take place either with a rotating positioner as in the video above or on specially built templates that guarantee the correct positioning of the components to be welded and a rapid execution of loading and unloading of the pieces.

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