Assembled machines

In this specialist division, some machines are assembled for the Continuus-Properzi lines, the same is for some ones ordered by external customers. Here as shown respectively, in the above and below pictures; a casting and a rolling machines.

External customers request is mainly concentrated on all the kinds of mechanical parts and on the assembly of some products such as the Pinch rolls, cutters, gearboxes, and dampers.

Machined parts

CPT is able to offer its customers a large variety of products mechanically processed, frequently and strictly checked by the quality control division.
CPT has the equipment to accommodate demanding production requirements of the mechanical components. It has the lathes, the mills and boring machines; which can cover a wide range of dimensions of finished products.
Upon customer request, CPT can display a dimensional control document and a certificate of conformity related to the constructed parts.

Carpentry division

CPT is able to supply nearly all the welded products required by the mechanical and steel industry.

So the carpentry division produces not only structures of considerable size such as the large and heavy industrial ovens and the bases for machines, but also simple welded parts.

CPT’s great strength resides in its flexibility and its capacity to produce all sorts of products in reference to the designs provided by customers.

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