The machining department’s strength resides in the combined qualities of the technical expertise, the experience and the good use of machine tools.

In addition to that, the presence of Italian managers trained at the parent company adding to that the ongoing 10 years of training of local staff have allowed CPT to acquire an excellent level of precision and efficiency in this sector.

A Mecof NC milling machine with 6x2 m table visible in the photo above, together with another 5 NC machines of various sizes constitute the main nucleus of this department.

The DMG NC machining center can be split and used as though it had 2 pallets with masked loading and unloading times (as shown in the video below).

Another miscellaneous machines are listed below in details:
- 2 CNC milling machines with 6 m to 1.5 m tables

- 1 vertical CNC machining center with 2.4 m dividable table

- 1 conventional boring machine displayed

- 1 CNC lathes for processing up to 500 mm diameter
- 2 conventional lathes
- 3 conventional milling machines displayed
- Various other complementary workshop machines

The work takes place in 2 shifts and with the constant presence of the quality control service which performs intermediate checks during processing.

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