The assembly division works in collaboration with the counterpart division of the parent company. This department is able to assemble the small lines machines for the production of aluminum wire rods of Continuus-Properzi S.p.A. and for some years; it has also been performing the same function with excellent results for external customers.
They can also perform, on request, operations at foreign companies as they are able to communicate in Italian and French languages as well as their Arabic mother tongue language.
Tunisian assembly operators have had many visits in Italy to collaborate with the Italian colleagues in order to be updated on the assembly technologies.

A spool for the aluminum wire rods and a rolling machine are shown in the photos respectively.

The assembly division, in association with the carpentry division, produces the hydraulic control units necessary for the Continuus-Properzi lines and performs the final seal test under pressure as can be seen in the below photo.

The assembly department, well acquainted with the most delicate parts of the machines, are able to guarantee the security of the loading onto the means of the transport by using straps to avoid any damage to be caused during shipment.

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