CPT, a subsidiary of the Continuus-Properzi Group, is a company established in Tunisia and managed by Italian engineers. It fabricates and sells machine components to the parent company as well as other customers.

Since 2008, CPT has been supplying the structural machine components to the parent company Continuus-Properzi S.P.A. and from 2013, it has started to supply other customers.

CPT is able to produce:
- Singular carpentry elements and mechanic parts.
- Mass-produced parts manufactured by welding robots and CNC machines.
- Complete assembly and wiring machines.

Its main customers are located in Italy, France, Germany and Belgium.
The latter are specialist companies in the world of mechanics, metallurgy and in the production of cement.

The company's workforce consists of over than 100 employees dispersed between 3 contiguous factories as shown in these photos. Its turnover is split by about 50% between the parent company and the external customers.

CPT is located in Bizerta Economic Park, a facility built by the Tunisian state to encourage foreign investments by the way of granting privileges such as:
- exclusivity only for offshore companies
- protected and physically bounded area
- availability of a custom department in the application of the rules and in responding to the clients needs

CPT works in collaboration with the main local authorities as well as representatives of the Italian government in Tunisia.

Below are some photos that were taken during the visit of the Italian Ambassador, Mr. Fanara; to our factories in which he was accompanied by CPT’s Managing Director , Mr. Serravalle.

CPT’s presence at some important International trade fairs, such as Wire and Tube Dusseldorf, Mumbai, Bangkok and Shanghai; has enabled it to broaden the circles of its customers.

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