CPT’s carpentry department has currently over 40 workers that are specialized in the manufacturing of two important types which are:
- Order based
- Mass production

The carpentry department produces welded parts using the MIG/MAG process as a standard but it can also perform TIG welding.
All CPT’s welders have passed the tests to obtain a certificate that is issued by an international certification body.
The new FRONIUS and OTC welding machines used in this department are among the best available in the market.

The video below demonstrates the construction of two large holding furnaces for manufacturing aluminium alloys for Continuus-Properzi lines.

The large parts most frequently produced are:
- Structures for furnaces
- Bases for various kinds of machines: presses - rolling machines - reducers and gears
- Support structures for conveyor belts, bridge cranes and port machinery

In order to cut the welded partes, the CPT's technical department develops DXF files that are loaded into a nesting program which in turn passes the instructions to the  numerical control of the cutting machine.
This electronically done though the company’s internal network in order to minimize any possible error.

CPT has recently purchased a cutting machine that is able to perform three different activities:
- High definition plasma cutting up to 30 mm thickness with tolerances of 0.5 mm
- Oxyfuel cutting up to 100 mm thickness
- Boring and threading up to 10 mm diameter

For other cutting/bending operations,  the department owns other machines: a cutter, 3 mechanical saws; a punching machine and a bending machine.

CPT has a sandblasting chamber with a size of 6x3 m and this chamber allows an excellent preparation before painting for all the parts.

The painting is done in a painting booth as seen below which effectively ensure, in addition to the respect for the environment,  a homogeneous and air-conditioned drying of all the painted parts.

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